Abs sportspack arches

2020-02-28 12:05

Well I'm really looking for arches to cover 13x7's. I've alreadt got sportspack arches, painted black, and they are nice. But I just don't think I am in love with them. I really like the Group 5 bullet arches, but can't find a source in the states.Nov 30, 2009  If you want sportspack arches, without fitting 13 wheels or cutting look at W& P or Wood and Pickett arches, look is almost the same, but no need to abs sportspack arches

New Right Rear ABS rubber compound Sportspack Style Wheel Arch to fit Classic Minis. RIGHT REAR REPLACEMENT ARCH ONLY.

Dec 16, 2008  Abs Sportspack Arches posted in Styling: Well i need to get some arches to cover my sportspack wheels so i'm leaning towards sportspack arches. Since the original arches are too expensive for me i'm trying to gind the best alternative. I've seen some ABS one's but haven't heard anything about these, are they any good? has anyone used these? ABS ArchesI've been warned not to get the rubber New ABS rubber compound Sportspack Style Wheel Arches to fit Classic Minis. The easy way to cover those wide wheels. Includes 4 arches and the filler strips between the arch and body. abs sportspack arches Sportspack Plastic wheel arch kit (NonGenuine) This wheel arch kit is a replica of the original Sportspack wheel arch kit, made from flexible plastic. Kit includes 2x Front wheel arch extensions, 2x Rear wheel arch extensions, 4x Pieces of rubber edging to seal gap between arch and bodywork.

I telephoned ABS Motorsport in the UK (absmotorsport) before I made my purchase, and was completely satisfied with the service. Highly recommended, though their website seems to have problems at the moment. When the arches arrived, the quality was better than expected, and since I'm currently driving around with Group 5 Works arches in the front and Group 2 Wide in the rear for the past few abs sportspack arches

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