Sports team colors combinations

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Nov 02, 2016  2 The University of Michigan doesnt wear your runofthemill navy and yellow. They trot out all of their sports teams in maize and blue. History says the blue started popping up on graduation diploma ribbons in 1859, but the color combination wasnt officially adopted until 1867.The Most Popular Color Combinations In College Football. Brown and orange, Bowling Green? Red is the runaway winner for overall usage, and redandwhite is the top pairing. Gold, meanwhile, is hugely popular, though a lot of schools wear a yellow in its place on the field. The actual color yellow's representation is shockingly small, sports team colors combinations

Sep 15, 2014 The 10 best team colors in college football of 2014 1. Texas (burnt orange and white). 2. North Carolina (Carolina blue and white). 3. Michigan (maize and blue). 4. Alabama (crimson and white). 5. Michigan State (green and white). 6. USC (cardinal and gold). 7. Ohio State (scarlet and gray).

Team Colors By Sport Red. Navy blue. Royal blue. Light blue. Teal. Green. Black. White. Silver. Orange. Yellow. Gold. Purple. Maroon (NFL only). Brown (NFL only). Summer Sunflower. This color combination has an outdoor feel to it, like a summer baseball game: you have the red dirt of the baseball diamond, the green grass in the outfield, the bright sun in a blue sky overhead. However, its more subtle (and has more variety of color) than, say, the more obvious greens and browns in# 6. sports team colors combinations A project from Jim Nielsen. Got suggestions or corrections? Source is on Github. Note: some colors are official, others are approximations. Learn more.

Browse and download handpicked Sports Team color combinations. Create your own color schemes for free and share them with your friends using our intuitive interface. Schemecolor sports team colors combinations Team Color Codes has the hex, rgb, cmyk and PANTONE color codes for MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL teams. These codes will help you with all the digital projects where you need team colors. includes a combination of the following color swatches. b1 white b1 white b1 white b28 maroon b1 white b100 black b21 bright red b100 black b1 white b100 black but55 violet b21 bright red b240 r blue b100 black b1 white b247 light gray b42 copen blue b44 navy blue b1 white b100 black b25 orange b13 gold yellow b25 orange woven joy nfl sports Here are all the NFL Team colors along with their corresponding color codes. Use these color codes on your digital and print projects. Browse page# 3 of Sports Team color combinations at SchemeColor. com

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