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2019-10-16 07:40

By purchasing your NS train tickets via our website or app, youll receive an email with your PDF ticket as a handy attachment just print this out before taking your train. NS train glossary. For those that arent fluent in Dutch, weve explained the main ticket types youll come across when travelling on NSNov 04, 2016  De Superdal tickets zijn geldig tm 31 december 2016; De Superdal tickets zijn alleen geldig bij een incheck na 11. 00 uur s ochtends; Voordelig genieten. Met de persoonlijke aanbieding die u als deelnemer van NS Extra heeft ontvangen, betaalt u slechts 19 voor twee Superdal retourtickets 2e klas en 25 voor de 1e klas. voordeel ticket ns

19, 50 NS Dagkaart (eticket) Reizen tm 30 juni 2019 (geldig tijdens de daluren) Een dagje met de trein tijdens lees meer De NS Spoordeelwinkel verkoopt iedere maand goedkope treinkaartjes. Zo kun je momenteel een dagretour kopen voor slechts 19.

NS Dutch Railways has a wide (and perhaps confusing) range of discount cards and season tickets available. These come as either discount (korting) or free travel (vrij reizen) card products. If you travel regularly by train in the Netherlands then these subscriptions could potentially save you a Several supplements are available for the Dal Voordeel season ticket, offering you even more NS services. Store your bicycle on account, without separate season ticket expenses; rent an OVfiets bicycle at more than 300 locations in the Netherlands; or travel without a supplement on the Intercity Direct between Rotterdam Centraal and Schiphol. voordeel ticket ns A cheap Dutch train ticket exists? ! I can hear you thinking this question from all the way over here. Yes, a cheap dutch train ticket does exist. Many exist, in fact. NS has got a bad reputation for hiking train prices, which has caused a lot of ranting on DutchReview and other sites. Unlike some

Weekend voordeel: Do you travel by train in the weekend at least once a month? This would be a profitable option for you. The price of this season ticket depends on the the route. NS Flex. As of September this year, NS has launched a new season ticket: the Flex Season Ticket. NS Flex lets you pick the discount that suits you best this month voordeel ticket ns Via an NS ticket machine: choose the option 'NS route with discount' or 'NS route free Then you will receive an international ticket which includes the 40 or 100 discount. Do not forget to bring your NS subscription as well as your ticket on your trip. You should be Bijabonnementen. If you are in the possession of a season ticket, you can buy for free or with discount a Bijabonnement for your partner or your child over 12 years old. NS discount cards and season ticket cards can also be used as personal OVchip cards. 3. Etickets. NS. nl also now offers etickets for sale at standard fares with payment available by either iDeal (Dutch internet banking) or credit card. NS etickets are personal and require name, date of birth and accompanying identification. Jul 15, 2018  Dal voordeel. I have the dal voordeel pass from NS. This NS subscription can be purchased once a year for 50 euros. (You can sometimes find it on special for 30 euros like I did. ) Its sold typically at the beginning of summerspring, so keep an eye out for it on the NS website. Group tickets. Ugh, I miss the old group tickets.

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