Fight a speeding ticket without going to court

2019-08-20 20:11

There are two kinds of traffic tickets: Ones you can beat in traffic court and ones you can't. The problem is determining which kind you got. If it's your first ticket in ten years and you expect it will be another decade before you get another one, you may want to avoid this whole question, pay the fine, and move on.Nov 04, 2008 If you go to court and the judge doesn't want to cut you any slack, your stuck with the 88 fine AND court costs, which are usually around the 50 mark. I had a failure to stop at a stop sign ticket and I went to court, because well, I didn't get my letter out in time, so the charge was 30 but I had to pay 80 in the end for court costs. fight a speeding ticket without going to court

So many cool things about California, starting with its long overlap with the blue Pacific Ocean. Here's another draw: You can fight a traffic ticket without going to court and you might win. But California isn't the only state that offers trial by written declaration. Maybe your state does, too.

You can beat a traffic ticket without a court appearance, website says. TicketBust fights tickets by helping drivers file what's known as a Trial by Written Declaration, which allows drivers to contest the ticket in writing. The service costs 249. If you lose, you still pay 149, plus the cost of the ticket. Chances are, youll find that you still must pay court costs and fees for the course, making the process almost as, if not more, expensive than simply paying the ticket without going to court. The only benefit to taking the traffic school route is having the ticket erased from your record. fight a speeding ticket without going to court

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