Water sports in goa tourism

2020-02-20 01:56

Water sports in Goa: Travel Guide Get information on famous& tourism Water sports in Goa. Also find out attractions, weather, nightlife, festivals, sightseeing, maps& photos of GoaWater sportsWater sports charges in Goa also vary according to the peak tourist season in Goa. During the off season in Goa, cost of water sports in Goa tend to decrease and tourists are likely to get better deals. Make sure to bargain for per person prices of water sports in Goa to indulge in an exciting day on the beach. water sports in goa tourism

Some of the worthtrying water sports in Goa are: Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: Scuba diving and snorkeling are great adventures if you want to meet the exotic marine life and the vibrant coral reefs. One can enjoy these activities in Goa at Agatti Island, Grande Island, and Pigeon Island

Goa is more than just a beach lovers haven; it is a mecca for outdoor fanatics as well. We wish to inform you that we have provided details of following WATER SPORTS in Goa in submenu: Jet Skiing. Parasailing. Scuba Diving. Water Skiing. Wind Surfing. Water Scooter. Banana Boat Ride. Swimming. Dinghy Sailing. Fishing. White Water Rafting Water Sports. John Lucas, an Englishman, who first came to Goa in the early 70s like thousands of other westerners on a spiritual journey, found his heaven here in Goa. Being a keen windsurfer, the next time he came back to Goa, he had with him, his board and rig. And the trend for water sports in Goa was set. water sports in goa tourism

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